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Is Preference a Hindrance?

With average wait time for adopting a child in the most popular category (i.e. a healthy child below 2 years of age) pegged at anywhere between 20-24 months, parents cannot be faulted for being desperate for any piece of advice that can reduce their wait time. The most commonly asked question across forums is –

“Wrong” Ladies First

CARA recently announced a shift in its adoption policy to award preference to aspiring single moms planning to adopt. According to sources, single mothers were perceived to be a group requiring enablement in adoption. With due credit to the empathy CARA may have towards single mothers, the decision smells of a populist move to garner

Accepting the First Referral

You have been waiting for months to receive an update on your adoption application. You have checked your mails and SMS several times a day initially, then few times a week and now a few times every month. Once your wait list dropped to under 30, you virtually started co-inhibiting with your device, lest you