Champion the Cause

Champion Adoption.

You carry energy, perspective and commitment. You are optimistic. You are committed. You are untouched by cynicism. Join Families of Joy as a Gen-Y champion.

We see in you a set of arms that can push through reforms. A pair of legs that can walk the extra mile. A heart that beats for each child’s right to a loving and secure family. A pen (or shall we say a “click”) that can trigger a revolution. A mind that is not just open to ideas but carries the conviction to ask Who and Why? Being FRESH and INEXPERIENCED is your biggest asset. Commence your journey towards being a champion for adoption as a GEN-Y Initiator, grow as a GEN-Y Crusader, leave a mark as a GEN-Y Differentiator and finally claim your place under the Sun as Gen-Y Ambassador.

GEN-Y Initiator

Take the first step towards your goal as Gen-Y Initiator with a few simple clicks:

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Having connected with us on Social Media, please SIGN UP as GEN-Y Initiator using the form provided below . Each person who fills up the form will get a Unique Reference Number (URN), that can be used to refer more friends to us. In case you have been referred by a friend, please indicate their URN in the below form – to share the signing up credit with your friend. In case you want to graduate to next level, you will need to get 20 of your friends signing up as Gen-Y Initiator using YOUR URN.

GEN-Y Crusader

Once you have signed up as a Gen-Y Initiator, you will receive a Unique Reference Number (URN). Now get 20 of your friends to Sign up as Gen-Y Initiator, quoting your URN, to become a Gen-Y Crusader.

In the beginning it may seem challenging. But the whole idea of the program is to discover like minded folks who believe in the cause. As you attain the Gen-Y Crusader status, you will end up networking with people who share the same passion as yours and it will synergize your collective interests. Knowing a pool of people who relate to adoption will make it easier to identify and deliver an adoption related task – which is the core principle of elevating yourself and your team to the next level, i.e. Gen-Y Differentiator.

GEN-Y Differentiator

By the time you got 20 Gen-Y Initiators signed up for the cause, you are no longer driven by incentives. You believe in the cause, you are here to leave your mark and make a difference. By now you would have discovered enough like minded people to deliver some thing big. SOMETHING REALLY BIG. And that makes you a GenY Differentiator. Let us up the ante. Let us get cracking!

Pick from below mentioned tasks, or don your creative hat and suggest your own – and be a GenY Differentiator


We do not need to say anything more.

Now YOU do the talking,

for you are now our