We are at the forefront of dialogues in Adoption, setting the agenda in conversation with the Regulators, Stakeholders in Adoption, Media and Families. Whether it is holding talk shows on National TV, airing an interview on All India Radio, Participating in discussions with CARA, engaging with families in adoption or leveraging young interns, you will rarely find FoJ out of action, at any point in time.

We recently hosted Webinars on the recently announced Adoption Regulations 2022. The first Webinar was held in Nov 2022 presenting the details on the new regulations that came into effect from Sep 01, 2022. Our follow up Webinar was held in March 2023 bringing together various stakeholders such as CARA, CWC Chairpersons, SAAs and DCPOs discussing how effective these new regulations have been in the past SIX months. Watch the two Webinars by clicking on the respective videos.

Making a Nationwide Impact

Debate on National TV

Participated in debates on National TV as part of Adoption Awareness Month in 2018 and 2020 along with CEO CARA and Joint Secretary (WCD Ministry)

National Adoption Summit

Organized India’s first National Adoption Summit bringing families, regulators, educators, doctors and young adoptees on a common platform.

National Counselling Camp

Scheduled the country’s first Online Adoption Counselling Camp serving families across 30 locations form India and abroad.

Times Group Campaign

Partnered with Times of India Group in their nationwide campaign on Fertile Conversations sensitizing the community across the country.

Addressing Specific Stakeholders

Awareness Webinars

Carried out several Awareness Webinars for Corporates, Institutions and Communities

Seminars with CARA

Participated in Seminars organized by CARA offering inputs for policy making

Camps for Parents

Conducted Counselling Camps for parents in various cities of India

CSR Summits

Participated in CSR Summits engaging with Corporates

Our Flagship Webinars

Adopting children between 4-18 yrs of age
Interaction with CARA CEO
Addressing Gen Y
Online Counselling Camp 2021