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Resources that help you make the right decision

Book on Adoption

Avail your copy of Us. a unique book on Adoption with Indian perspective, including latest commentary on Immediate Placement category. Buy it on Amazon.

Board Books for Children

Grab one of our glossy board books to introduce adoption to your little ones – as it should be – full of love and positivity. Buy it on Amazon (e-Book only)

Latest Children Availability

Update yourselves with latest Statistics on children available for adoption across Age Groups, Gender, States and Categories (e.g. normal, special need, siblings etc.)

Resources that offer answers to your queries

Reference of a Family

Obtain the reference of another family in adoption, confident to share their journey, or offer to provide your reference to another family by joining our National Repository of Families in Adoption.


Get answers to your questions, dispel myths, hear it straight from another family in adoption, adoptee or expert in the field. Let those doubts melt away into love and not hinder the joys that you rightfully deserve.

Expert Opinion

Hear from experts on latest trends, regulations and events associated with adoption. Develop sound understanding of nuances in adoption based on facts and experience, rather than hearsay.

Resources that are key to #ReimaginingAdoption


Flip you myths and strip your biases through our insightful posters. Share them in your network and see the magic unfold in how everyone starts relating to adoption.


Subscribe to our You Tube channel and treat yourselves to over 50 videos from Parents, Educators, Regulators and other families-in-adoption dispelling myths, and sharing tips from their experience.

Greeting Cards

We bet, you won’t find them in stores! Express your love for your near and dear ones. Pick a Greeting from our stock of eWishes sensitively and caringly designed for you.

We welcome people from all walks of life such as parents, families, practitioners, professionals, students, employers, regulators etc. to contribute to our repository of resources and help grow our inventory of resources to guide families in adoption. If you wish to contribute by way of your time, effort, skill or competence, please write to us at