Myths Associated with Adoption

Let us not become part of the myths around ADOPTION

Myth Fact
Adoption is only for childless couples . Anyone can adopt a child, including those who may already have a child. At no point of the process, are the parent asked if they have children or not.
Children who are adopted do not bond well with the family. Children bond selflessly and lovingly with everyone in their environment. They may take time to settle down, but they do not carry any inhibitions.
Older children are a liability. Older children come with lot of maturity and understanding. Plus their health has already stabilized and are less prone to health hazards as compared to young kids.
Children with Special Need are a liability. The special need is not the only identity of a child. The child has different abilities, and the special need is just one of them. The parent needs to assess if they can support the child for its need.
Children should not be told about their adoption. Far from it. Children who are told about their adoption grow into confident kids, where adoption is an integral part of their personality. Telling children about their adoption ensures that nobody in the familt is defensive about adoption.
Children who were adopted will leave the adoptive family once they become adults. Root search and quest for their origins is natural for any child, including children who were adopted. Children need to be supported emotionally and logistically when they are faced with questions in life. Supporting children in root search strengthens trust within the family.
The extended family, neighbors or teachers will discriminate with the child. It is the duty of parents to empower children about their identity in adoption, so that they too can educate and sensitize those who are uninitiated in adoption. There will always be people who may react uncharitably to adoption. Sharing facts and perspectives minimizes loose comments about adoption.
Childless couples should adopt a child. Adoption requires adequate preparation, especially emotionally. Not having a child does not automatically qualify a parent to adopt a child. Parents needs to assess their own readiness to adopt, so that they can support the child through the thick and thin of life events. Parents who adopt a child, without adequate preparation could find themselves in delicate situations, if they purely look as child to fulfill all their need and expectations.
One can adopt younger of the siblings, so that at least one child gets a home.

Separation from siblings can be very traumatic for children, and no amount of physical comforts of a family can compensate for the loss of a sibling, if separated to adopt. Siblings must be adopted together.

Children in Immediate Placement category are of ill health or with special need

Children in Immediate Placement category are of perfect health, except that they were not adopted by other parents for their (the parent’s choice) and the same need not be held against the children.