Adoption Regulations 2022

Adoption Regulations 2022

The WCD Ministry recently notified Adoption Regulations 2022.

In defining the new AR2022, there lay a unique opportunity before CARA in filing up the huge chasm between adoption provisions under HAMA and the JJ Act. However, in ignoring the need of the hour, avoiding the plight of parents waiting for several years and in experimenting with introduction of DMs in place of Courts, CARA has taken away more comfort from the parents, than offered any more – and set the adoption community on yet another painful journey in expectation of long overdue adoption reforms,  long winding court battles, travails of child trafficking and an endless wait to get a bundle of joy in their home.

Read through the point by point comparison of Adoption Regulations 2022 with respect to the previous regulations – what’s changed, what’s new, what’s good and what’s not so good.

We organized Webinars to present the above Regulaitons in Nov 2022, and another Webinar to discuss their effect after the SIX months of implementation in March 2023. Watch the two webinars here.

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