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Adoption in India: Processes, Counselling, Statistics and Resources

Whether you are a parent aspiring to adopt a child, an educator trying to introduce adoption to young kids at school, a professional grappling with adoption benefits at work, next of kin experiencing adoption first time, a social worker counselling a young teen who was adopted or a policy maker looking for pulse on the ground – we provide a common platform to diverse stakeholders to understand about adoption, avail useful resources and contribute to the cause.

Know about Adoption

Know about Adoption

Familiarize yourself with legal adoption process in India, managing CARA preferences, preparation required in adoption.

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Avail help in Adoption

Avail help in Adoption

Book a Counselling session, view children availability, get reference of a family in adoption or download our posters and videos on adoption

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Contribute towards Adoption

Contribute towards Adoption

Join us as an Adoption Counsellor, intern on our projects, offer us a Talk Spot on adoption in your community or make a donation

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We are your one stop guide to Adoption in India. We offer Adoption Counselling, Guidance, Statistics, News and Updates from CARA.

We engage with three prime constituencies in #ReimaginingAdoption, as follows:

Adoption is not about “matching” a child, it is about accepting one…

Parents in Adoption

We offer meticulously curated products and services to prospective adoptive parents aspiring for child adoption in India. Please go through following sections of our website to help you in your journey in adoption

  • Awareness – To know about Adoption process, eligibility criterion, list of adoption agencies, preparation required and assess your readiness to adopt
  • Counselling – To book a counselling session with our trained and certified Adoption Counsellors available across 7 locations in India. We offer Adoption Counselling via Online medium too.
  • Resources – To buy book on Adoption with an Indian context, introduce adoption to your little one through our Board Books, know availability of children legally free for adoption in CARA pool, watch videos on adoption from experts, download posters and share e-Greetings with other families
  • National Registry – To get a reference of another family in adoption across 20 locations in India
  • Events – To attend our next Webinar, Counselling Camp, Talk Show or Campaigns on TV and Radio
  • FAQ – To get a quick answer to a question that has been bugging you

“No child is too old to adopt”

Professionals in Adoption

We engage with and invite professionals across various walks of life to partner us in #ReimaginigAdoption. Help us create our Board Books, conduct research for us, design our training programs and provide us inputs on adoption policies. Whether you are a doctor, educator, film maker, lawyer, employer or just the kith and kin of a family intending to adopt – we believe that YOU have lot to offer to help the parents hoping to adopt a child from India. Please go through following sections of our website to help you in your journey in adoption

  • Resources – To know about the inventory of resources we hold, and to improvise the same
  • Opportunities – To engage with us on our ongoing programs, internships, training and offerings.
  • Events – To interact with us in our next Webinar, Counselling Camp, Talk Show or Campaigns on TV and Radio

Everyone is same within the family – never say an “adopted” child

Gen Y in Adoption
Gen Y

No one can contribute better to our mission of #ReimaginingAdoption than the Youth of our nation. We believe in the paradigm of catching them young, tapping their energies, igniting their thoughts and leveraging their deep social media presence to champion our cause. Please go through following sections of our website to join our mission and develop of a child centric ecosystem of adoption in India:

  • Awareness – To know about Adoption in an objective manner and bust those myths you accumulated through films and fiction.
  • Resources – To get a glimpse of resources we offer in adoption, and how you can innovate the same.
  • Opportunities – To discover multiple options and tasks that require as little as 5 min of your attention, to couple of week’s participation, to a long term commitment to the cause.
  • Events – To engage with us at our next Webinar, Counselling Camp, Talk Show or Campaigns on TV and Radio

Being a single Mom, I was really apprehensive about engaging my family in my adoption journey. FoJ resources gave me strength. I now feel much more relaxed and confident in dealing with the truth, my passion and my family in involving them in my decision. Thank You FoJ!

An adoptive parent, Bangalore

We would have waited for several months to get our reference, had it not been for FoJ Counsellor who shared the children’s availability data across States and Age groups. We changed our preference and received our reference within 2 months.

An PAP adopting from USA

We were scared to tell our 8-year old about his adoption. We were under influence of Bollywood and family who advised us against sharing the truth. With FoJ’s sound advice, we are now a happy family where we do not have to be on guard in front of our son.

An adoptive parent, Gurgaon.