Fertile Conversations

Families of Joy Foundation partnered with Times of India Group in their campaign #Fertile Conversations held across New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The event was held with an objective to educate and sensitize parents upon the options available to them for having a child in the family. As a co-host, we emphasized upon the need to de-link adoption from infertility and the importance of preparing for adoption, as and when the parent decides to adopt a child. Throwing unique perspectives on Adoption, Mr Avinash Kumar urged the community to Reimagine Adoption from a child’s perspective, going beyond the needs of the parent.

Families of joy also sensitized people that no child was too old to adopt, and that government had a moral obligation to offer Health Insurance to children awaiting adoption in the institutions, as well as post adoption in the families, to support their need for expensive therapies and medical interventions.

Media Coverage of the Event