Children Availability

Quarterly Statistics on Single Children, Siblings and those in Special Need Category legally available for Adoption through CARA – Source: CARINGS |

Last Updated in July 2022

Half-Yearly Statistics – July 2022

As of July 2022, based on data in CARINGS, a Total of 1858children are legally available for adoption. Of these, there are 46 healthy children below 2 years of age, 409 healthy children above 2 years of age, 138 children are sibling-sets and 1265 children are categorized as those with a special need.

A subset of these children are available under Immediate Placement category, that is without any wait for referral required.

A detailed break up of these children across age groups, States and categories is as shown below. Please click on the pictures to open the magnified image in a New Tab.

CAUTION: Please note that this data is based on information sourced from CARINGS database, over a period of time in July 2022. While the overall trend will persist, the actual number of children available as on a given date may vary. Parents registered with CARA are advised to login to CARINGS to see an exact updated figure on a day-to-day basis. This data is provided purely for guidance on broad availability of children. FoJ does not assume any responsibility for decisions that parents may take, based on this data. Please consult CARA, Social Worker or a certified Adoption Counsellor before making decisions regarding your preferences or options in CARINGS.

Total Availability across All States of India
Healthy children below 2 years of age – Top 10 States
Healthy Children across Age-Groups
Siblings, across age groups
Special Need Children across age groups