CARA Process : IP / Special Need Category

Adopt a child without Waiting – Browse these categories for profiles of children legally available for adoption from India without waiting for a Referral or affecting your seniority

Apart from the usual process where PAPs wait to receive a referral based on their seniority and availability of children as per their preferences, there are two categories where parents can directly reserve a child, without any wait time, provided their home study has been completed, approved and uploaded in the system. These two categories are described below. While adopting a child from these categories, it is important to note that:

  • The parent can reserve the child from IP List and Special Need category, even if they are waiting for referral in the normal process
  • Parents can reserve the child, visit the Adoption Agency and complete adoption formalities, without any wait time for receiving the referral
  • If, after reserving the child, and visiting the agency, the parents do not complete the adoption process (for whatever reason), their seniority in the normal process is not affected, and they can continue to wait for a referral as per their preferences in the normal process.
  • If they adopt the child from the IP List / Special Need category, their position will be cleared from the normal queue.

Immediate Placement Category

Understanding Immediate Placement Category
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This is a category of children who have been referred to other parents but not have been adopted, depsite multiple referrals.

After a certain number of attempts, these children are segregated into a separate category called the Immediate Placement category, so that they do not have to wait for adoption, through normal referral process.

Children in IP category are perfectly healthy children. They may not have been adopted by other parents because of their choices, and need not be held against them.

Special Need Category

Adopting a child from Special Need category
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This is a category of children who may have an underlying condition that requiresspecial assistance and care.

Not all the children in Special Need category have extreme medical condition. Parents are encouraged to browse through profiles of children in this category and ascertain for themselves, if they can adopt and support the child for its need.

Some of the children under this category may actually have a minor condition that may be corrected with simple surgeries or medical interventions.