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Transformation is in the air. There are far greater number of people open to building their families through adoption, as compared to a decade ago. Thanks to social media and the internet, resources and people affiliated with adoption are far more accessible. Still, changing the mindset around adoption, influencing policies and generating reliable data from serious research is a a long way off. We believe that every member of the community has a role in establishing a positive identity in adoption. Be it a family, friends, relatives, educators, lawyers, doctors, film makers, employers, or policy makers; the list is endless. Here is how you can contribute to the cause depending upon your capacity and bandwidth.

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Pledge to respect every child and stakeholder in Adoption and encourage safe/legal adoptions in the community

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There are several ways that you can contribute as a Professional, Researcher, Parent, Employer, Regulator or a conscientious citizen

Train as an Adoption Counsellor
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As Gen Y you can channelize your immense enthusiasm, network and optimism to put the focus of adoption back on the child, replace charity with humanity, study adoption as a subject, empower regulations with emprical research and establish adoption as a mainstream conversation at school, college, workplace, families and beyond.

In Gen Y we see set of arms that can push through reforms. A pair of legs that can walk the extra mile. A heart that beats for each child’s right to a loving and secure family. A pen (or shall we say a “click”) that can trigger a revolution. A mind that is not just open to ideas but carries the conviction to ask Who and Why? Who else but Gen-Y!

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