Our Counsellors

Meet our Team

Each of our counsellors are subject matter experts, specialists and certified Adoption Counsellors especially trained to guide parents in their journey in adoption. Our passionate and dedicated team comprises of parents-in-adoption, former CARA Steering Committee member, Child Psychologist, Inter-country Adoption representative, Lawyer, Civil Servant, Certified Life Coach, Montessori Directress and certified Coach.

Whether you looking for guidance on CARA Processes, emotional readiness, parenting skills, queries on adopting children from special categories or just validation of your decisions – you are in safe hands. A brief profile of our counsellors is as outlined below (in alphabetical order)

Anupama Krishnan
Parent-in-Adoption, Passionate about Adoption
Anuradha Seth
Psychologist, Life Coach & Radio Show host.
Avinash Kumar
Former CARA Steering Committee Member/Author

Dr Deepika Prakash
Lawyer, Researcher
Soft skills trainer
Gireeja Rajesh
Inter country adoption representative
Meera Marthi
Certified Coach, Parent-in-Adoption

Purnima Sood
Community Head, Fertility Dost, Certified Life Coach
Sheetal Vora
Montessori Directress, Counselling therapist.
Smriti Gupta
Parent-in-Adoption, Specialist – Special Need/Sibling Adoption
Dr Vandana Kumar
Civil servant
Vandana Sharma
Certified Life Coach