Consultation on Adoption Reforms

The most recent data on children available for adoption through agencies regulated by CARA makes an appalling statement (See Figure 1.1, 1.2). The total number of children available for adoption (1858) has dropped below 2018 level (1883) and worse, the healthy children below 2 years of age has dropped to an unbelievably low count of less than 50 kids – a mere 2% of all kids available for adoption!This, in a nation of a population greater than 138 Crores, and after a devastating pandemic that orphaned thousands. Even a school bus carries more children than that.

Having a child is strongly entrenched in our culture, but the ongoing circus between HAMA and the JJ Act, the two laws under which a child can be adopted in India, has boiled down to a choice between the devil and the deep sea. HAMA offers the fastest and easiest way for a child to get adopted directly between a set of Hindu parents without the threat of institutionalization, but due to utter lack of regulation, it is infested with touts and rampant child trafficking. JJ Act, on the other hand, offers complete transparency, accountability and a wide spectrum of services in adoption, in line with the Hague Convention, but has virtually NO children, as most kids are getting trafficked for adoption outside the system, leaving the CARA pool with 90% children considered too old to adopt or too difficult to adopt because of their special need (the proportion represented by the RED and YELLOW colour together). Either ways, the doors to a safe and legal adoption are shut tight for millions of parents seeking to adopt a child.

Water has gone above the head, and we no longer have the luxury to watch from the fringes. The gaps in laws, penal provisions and adoption related benefits need to be fixed NOW. The adoption scenario today has degenerated to a point where parents must either wait for 3 plus years only to be forced to adopt the child referred to them in a faceless & inhuman procedure (lest they be pushed down to the bottom of the queue for another 3 years wait) or to depend upon a tout and risk child trafficking. There is ZERO hope for parents wanting to adopt internationally and there is not a single Rupee incentive for legal adoption in India! It is time WE GOT TOGETHER, SPOKE IN ONE VOICE, GOT THE LAWS CHANGED, HAVE STRONGEST PENALTIES ENFORCED FOR CHILD TRAFFICKING AND QUALITY OF ADOPTION SERVICES ACKNOWLEDGED AND DELIVERED PROFESSIONALLY.

Please join us for a Pan-India, across- community, consultation

Sunday – August 14, 2022 | 6:00 pm IST | Online (Zoom)

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The time to act is NOW or NEVER.