Special Deeds


Institutions and parents alike have been unfair to children with needs different from that of majority. So much so that the term Special need itself has begin to connote a liability or an excess baggage of paramount difficulty for parents. No wonder, while there is a beeline for parents waiting up to two years to adopt a "healthy" child, there are hardly any parents choosing to adopt a child from the Special Need category of CARA. The remedy lies in doing away with this category itself. There is no child with any Special Need. Each child is blessed with a unique ability, potential and requirement for care. All we need is to discover a family that can meet each child's respective requirement and help it attain its potential.

Instead of calling out a child as visually impaired - which establishes a PROBLEM, we can highlight that the child requires a Visual Aide, or a Surgical intervention, or a Braille training (depending upon the remedy) - thereby shifting the focu to a SOLUTION. Our SPECIAL DEED program is an attempt to classify our efforts differently, rather than the child. Come #ReimagineAdoption with us, like never before. Click on the below document to read and socialise our proposal to CARA in defining SPECIAL DEEDS.

There are three steps to achieving the same:

There is no SPECIAL NEED child - there are only SPECIAL DEEDS that ensure that each child gets a family, over and above, our routinely defined procesesses.