A Centralized Online System for Adoption

The adoption process does not begin with Registering with CARA. It begins with self intrsopection on why do we want to adopt a child and what kind of child can we support. Adoption Counselling can help us find answers to these questions and also provide us the necessary information to make the right decision.

Adoption is a beautiful experience providing us with a unique opportunity to look beyond our own need or desire (to adopt) and connect with another human being with selfless love and compassion. While adopting a child, it is extremely important to revalidate our understanding, prejudices, assumptions, concerns and reasons to adopt through counselling, reading authentic content and meeting other families in adoption. It has to be borne in mind that evan as quite many of us may be adopting to fulfill some need of ours, adoption is the discovery of the kind of child we can support rather than the kind of child who will fulfill our need.

Once you are ready to adopt, you need to register with CARA on their online system, indiacte your preferences for adoption, upload the necessary documents, get a home study done by the Specialized Adoption Agency (SAA) closest to your place of residence and await referral from CARA. The wait time depends upon your preferences and seniority in the wait list. Once you receve the referral, you are required to visit the adoptio agency, complete the formalities and bring the child home. You are required to visit the local court in whose jurisdiction the adoption agency is situated to receive the final court order.

Operational details apart, there are three basic tenets of aodption:
  1.     1. Follow the Legal process
  2.     2. Keep the child's interest paramount in making decisions, and
  3.     3. Empower the child to realize its true potential

Adoption in India is regulated by the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), an autonomous body under the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India. Parents need to register with CARA for adopting a child. A detailed knowledge of CARA guidelines is essential to understand your eligibility, the documentation required, the preferences you should indicate, the associated wait time, the child referral process and the long term benefits of accepting the first child you are referred.

Click below to access the key provisions, a Ready Reckoner on the 2017 changes and the Full Text of the CARA Adoption Guidelines:

Timeline Appointment

Your seniority is determined solely by your date of registration. So if you are fairly certain of your decision to adopt, do not lose any further time in registering on line. There are about 100 parents registering everyday on an average.

Your Wait time depends upon your relative seniority within the group of parents who have the same choices as yours in terms of Gender, Age and Chosen States of Adoption. Choose your preferences carefully to reduce avoidable wait.

Be open to adopt a child above 2 years of age. Apart from a much shorter wait time, the health of the child has stabilized by the age of 2 years andyour are likely to run into fewer surprises.

Refrain from "choosing a child" or waiting to see all the three referrals. Approach a counsellor if you are facing challenge in accepting the first child referred to you. Make it a habit to view the profiles under the #Immediate Placement Category and #Special Needs Category to locate a child you can support. There is ZERO WAIT time in either categories and you will be amazed at how you discover the child destined to come to you.