Be a part of #ReimaginingAdoption

There is so much you can do in your capacity as a Parent, Family, Friend, Colleague, Employer, Regulator, Professional and any Socially Responsible Citizen. We have cut out several kind of tasks that you can be part of. Choose an activity that aligns with your experience, skill, commmitment and disposable resources or strecth your boundaries to define new frontiers.

Make a beginning today by picking up a task that requires just 5 min of your time and zero special skills. Once you are able to enhance your commitment you could raise the bar to join us in programs that last a couple of weeks. If you are seeking more serious opportunities pick up one of our strategic goals. There is room for every one and no contribution is too small to be ignored.

Our children are our most valuable asset for this nation. We owe it to our children.

Let us take that step TODAY.