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With dearth of authentic, objective and easily accessible information related to adoption, it is but natural for parents aspiring to adopt to be clouded with uncertainties, doubts, myths, apprehensions and confusion. Even before parents start seeking information on adoption procedures, they need assurances on their decision to adopt, wait time line, engaging with the family, preparation required to settle the child in the new environment and many more softer aspects of adoption.

We have consolidated various queries received from parents and hope that these will address some of your concerns too.

In case your concern still remains unaddressed, please feel free to submit your question using the form below.

Q1: We have been married for quite some time but have not been able to have our own child. Is adoption a good alternative for us?

Q2: I am a single parent. Can I adopt a child in India?

Q3: I want to adopt a child but my spouse is against it. Can I go ahead and adopt?

Q4: We want to adopt a child but have no idea where to start. Where can we get authentic information on adoption?

Q5: We have registered for adoption. How can we ensure that the child we get belongs to our caste and religion, and also looks like us? How can we choose the child we want? Can we go to multiple orphanages or agencies and choose the best?

Q6: How many children can we get to see before finalizing? Can we also change our preference from girl to boy in the middle of the process?

Q7: We want a newborn child. Why is the agency showing us children over 6 months of age?

Q8: Is there a separate process for adopting an older child or a child with special needs?

Q9: We have registered for a baby girl, can we adopt one of the twins.

Q10: Our family is against adoption. Can we adopt a child without their knowledge or support? Will it impact the child's upbringing? Can we pretend a natural child birth? If not, how do we tell our parents and family?

Q11: We like the child that was shown to us. Can we take her home immediately?

Q12: How can we ascertain the health and potential risks for the child that is shown to us? How do we ensure that the child is not infected with any hereditary ailment?

Q13: What happens if the child develops some health or developmental issues after we bring him home? Is it possible to exchange him for another child?

Q14: How much does adoption cost in India? Is the expense same for Indian or Foreign parents?

Q15: We already have a girl child of our own. Is it possible to adopt another child?

Q16: Is it possible to adopt more than one child

Q17: How do we ensure that the child we get will not be claimed back by its parents? Do we get to meet the child's family? Do we have to meet them at any time later in life?

Q18: Do we need to tell the child that we adopted her? If yes, when and how?

Q19: We are planning to adopt an older child. How do we involve the extended family, relatives, colleagues and teachers at school in process of adoption? Should we tell them about the child being adopted?

Q20: How do we get the child's birth certificate, passport and other legal documents? Do we have to declare that the child was adopted?

Q21: For how long do we have to keep declaring the child as adopted? Is there a time after which the child need not be announced as adopted, especially in school records, travel documents, employment forms etc.

Q22: Will the child search for its parents as it grows up? How can we as parents respond to that situation?

Q23: We have adopted a young boy last year, but he constantly reminds us of our inability to conceive. How can we get over this feeling and love the child?

Q24: What ecosystem exists post adoption? Where can parents or young adoptees seek support for issues arising out of adoption?

Q25: How does society at large respond to adoption? will our child be discriminated against at school or with relatives?

Q26: Does Government / Private Employers offer benefits similar to maternity leave in cases of adoption?

Q27: Do adoptees worry about their birth parents? How often may they remember them? How can we dispel their anxieties?

Q28: Are there any learning and/or developmental issues with children who are adopted?

Q29: Are there any tax benefits associated with adoption?

Q30: The child that we adopted looks very different from us. Will the child relate to us as she grows up?