Up the ante

Your heart reaches out for each child that is waiting for a family, you specialize in child welfare, you could be a porfesisonal in the aodption cycle, or just an experienced parent in adoption. Now is the time to hone up your skills and get certified as a Level 01 Adoption Counsellor.

Did you know that fewer than 10% of parents registered for adoption ever had access to a counsellor. In absence of guidance, data and empathy, many parents get stuck with the legal process, most add months to their wait time on account of inapprorpiate preferences, severa face hardships at the adoption agencies and some opt out of the legal process. There have been cases of dissolution also as parents were not adequatly prepared.

We can change all that. Families of Joy offers a Level 01 Adoption Counselling Certification that enables you to hand hold a parent, apprise them of legal provisions and skills you with counselling techniques to complement your passion for adoption. Come, join our network of counsellors across India to help another child find a family. TOAY.

Post certification you would be able to guide the parent on following matters related to adoption: