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Why should we care about Adoption

Adoption is a beautiful experience providing us with a unique opportunity to look beyond our own need or desire (to adopt) and connect with another human being with selfless love and compassion.

We believe that every child has a right to a loving and secure family. There are 60 million destitute children in India and about 30 million families affected by infertility. Yet the country clocks fewer than 4000 adoptions per year. We have a huge task ahead of us as members of the society in ensuring an enabling environment for legal and child centric adoptions.

That calls for putting adoption into our curriculum by the educators, developing inspiring content by the film makers, embracing Positive Adoption Language by the community, undertaking research in adoption by the scholars, offering tax incentives for adoptions by the Government, announcing child centric policies by the regulators, declaring adoption friendly policies by the employers and rendering professional services by the lawyers, doctors, counsellors, therapists engaged in the adoption cycle. Together as a community we need to build a positive identity in adoption for the child.

We need to start #ReimaginingAdoption


What we think of adoption gets reflected in the words we choose, to describe of it. It is very common to come across phrases like “She is our adopted child / Do you know his Real Parents / I would not like to adopt an older child / how can you adopt an illegitimate child etc.”

Such expressions gain popularity due to their unabated use in films and fiction. Over a period of time, we get conditioned and immune to the insensitivity inherent in such phrases. We cannot event imagine the harm caused by reckless use of such terms. Such irresponsible lingo severely dents the self-confidence of a child who may already be grappling with her identity and seeking an approval as an adoptee in mainstream society.

Think again - there are far nicer and humane ways of communicating what we may actually need to, rather than using words that have coined to sell a drama of a novel. Given below are some of the alternate phrases for common terms associated with adoption. The beauty of using the Positive Adoption Language is that it shifts the focus from qualifying people in adoption or judging them to communication of the underlying fact.