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Why should we care about Adoption

Adoption is a beautiful experience providing us with a unique opportunity to look beyond our own need or desire (to adopt) and connect with another human being with selfless love and compassion.

We believe that every child has a right to a loving and secure family. There are 60 million destitute children in India and about 30 million families affected by infertility. Yet the country clocks fewer than 4000 adoptions per year. We have a huge task ahead of us as members of the society in ensuring an enabling environment for legal and child centric adoptions.

That calls for putting adoption into our curriculum by the educators, developing inspiring content by the film makers, embracing Positive Adoption Language by the community, undertaking research in adoption by the scholars, offering tax incentives for adoptions by the Government, announcing child centric policies by the regulators, declaring adoption friendly policies by the employers and rendering professional services by the lawyers, doctors, counsellors, therapists engaged in the adoption cycle. Together as a community we need to build a positive identity in adoption for the child.

We need to start #ReimaginingAdoption


Parents often receive confusing and conflicting advice from multiple channels on adoption. Even the inputs from close family members or friends may not be sufficient as their own knowledge on adoption may be sketchy and influenced by the stereotypes perpetrated through films & fiction. While adopting a child, it is therefore extremely important to revalidate our understanding, prejudices, assumptions, concerns and drivers for adoption.

Counselling forms an integral part of the adoption process. If you are considering adoption, be sure to avail counselling to ensure that you are not only on the right side of law but also not losing precious time through half bake knowledge or misguided advice. A professional adoption counsellor can help parents dispel their myths, describe the full legal process, advise on the preferences right for them, offer latest data on adoption, connect them with other families in adoption and present to them a wide variety of resources on adoption. More importantly such a counselling can helps parents in discovering the kind of child they can support rather than the kind of child who will fulfill their expectations.

We offers personalized counselling across 4 locations in India and we also conduct regular counselling camps in various cities. We also offer tele counseling for parents who can avail guidance from any corner of the country. Book your counselling appointment here.