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Nov 28 - When Adoption is Plan-A

Category: Submission by FoJ Counsellor

Adoption being Plan A sounds like a rarity. But it need not be so, because, putting a Plan A for Adoption does not mean that it need to be the firts choice for building a family. Though it is even that for some parents. Adoption being Plan A simply means that the parent gives adoptiona full 100% of time, effort, reosurces and commitment - at whatever point or phase in life adoption is explored as an option.

When a parent aporaches adoption as a Plan A, it does not matter what other options have been explored before or would be explored subsequnt to adoption. It is irrelevant whether the couple has biological children already, or several faied IVFs or hope to conceive a child naturally, even after adoption. A Plan A for adoption requires the parent to oly ensure that aodption is indeed a happy experience for the family. Here is what happens, when adoption is Plan A for a parent:

The core essence remains that parents look at adoption just as another method of getitng the child into the fmaily. Once the child is part of family, it is irrelevant how the child came to be in the family.

Parents who make an effort to understand what adoption actually is, reach out for resources and groups dealing with adoption and submit themselves to the process, giving their 100% are able to come out of the shadows of whatever might have triggered adoption and make attempts at effecting adoption with a child centric approach.

Parents need to realize that there is always some trigger for choices we make or have to make in life. Adoption is one of them. Fighting against it, or embarking upon adoption when not prepared for it shall create conflicts and deliver a less happy experience. Adoption requires to complement the need of the parent with an equal appreciation of the need of the child and deriving synergy out of the divine relationship that ensues.

Adoption is just another opportunity to discover our hidden strengths and bond with another human being – much more vulnerable, dependent and forthcoming than us. It is a spiritual experience waiting to be explored.

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