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Nov 26 - The joy of being a parent

Category: Submission by Anupama Krishnan, Gurgaon

Sometime 15 Dec 2014: We got a call from the Adoption agency “There is a small 2-year old girl, would you be interested to meet her?” We were travelling out of Delhi at that moment, celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary and no news was better than this. Magical to the ears. Best gift ever. Hang on! We had not met this little one, will she accept us as we did even before seeing her? We had been waiting for over a year and a half since registration and were feeling dejected, not sure how and when it would happen. And then this call! We quickly assured them that as soon as we were back in Delhi we would meet this little baby. And then the day arrived.

My brother, husband and myself were at the adoption agency eagerly awaiting our little princess. I was so nervous for some reason, clasping, unclasping my hands, walking up and down the waiting area, constantly watching out of the glass windows for her. And then she arrived. A little princess she was. All of 2 years old, bundled up in a yellow jacket with a hoodie, I could spot an additional woolen cap underneath this and several layers of sweaters. Her tiny face, watchful eyes peeping out of the jacket.

She was scared, really scared. One could tell. We rushed out, the 3 of us, then slowed down not wanting to alarm her. My husband lifted her in his arms and we knew at once she was the one. The big Q was will she think of us the same way? We spent the next few hours with her. She didn’t say a word but looked rather nervous. We took her to the swings in the same compound but she didn’t want to swing. We showed her a cat that decided to cross the swing park just then and then she burst out crying. Poor baby had been holding up this anxiety for so long, couldn’t take it any more. I took her in my arms and walked around before we went in for the formalities. She slept through comfortably through the entire conversation and I was just so happy to have her on my lap, feeling her head and quiet breathing over my chest. The most comforting moment ever.

It is now 3 years since she came home, her home; QUITE a bundle of energy, very expressive, enthusiastic, keeping us on our toes. As she celebrates her 5th birthday later this week, my husband and I ask the question which we do so often: What were we doing before she arrived?

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