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Nov 12 - Counselling in Adoption

Category: Submission by FoJ Counsellor

Counselling forms an integral part of the Adoption process. Despite being a critical activity in the while cycle, it is often viewed as an evitable and optional task. Parents often carry the disposition that counselling is required only by people wo may be ignorant, are unaware or belong to a certain social background. Nothing could be farther from truth.

The understanding of adoption in India is commonly developed by watching Bollywood films, reading fiction or even mythological tales. Most of these offer an overdose of drama, underestimate the legalities and hardly ever address the issue form a child's perspective. As a result, even the most aware parent often carried stereotypes and prejudices that are socially acceptable. Counselling is required to separate the wheat from the chaff. A professional adoption counsellor shall come to the table armed with data, trends, statistics and not just paper tissues!

Here are just some of the lesser known but vital benefits of counselling in adoption and the outcome that every parent should expect froma a counselling session:

The parents need to believe that counselling is not about picking holes in their understanding of adoption - rather ensuring that the parent is fully prpared to handle expected and unexpected situations in the child's journey in adoption. Further, counselling does not stop at Adoption. There are life long opportunities to reach out to a friend, philosopher and guide in taking decisions that are in the best interest of the child and can only be offered by a profesisonal, qualified, experienced and empathetic counseller capable of supporting parents both in Pre & Post Adoption stages.

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