Reimagining Adoption

Nov 11 -Engaging the extended family in adoption

Category: Submission by FoJ Counsellor

Adoption can be classified into two categories – Voluntary and Involuntary. The former deals with choices that individuals make without there being an explicit need to adopt. Involuntary adoption relates to cases where parents feel there is no other option but to adopt – and their own buy in towards adoption being at varying levels of commitment. Even as there has been an increase in the proportion of voluntary adoptions, the support and participation from immediate family, friend and colleagues is often found minimal – more so for voluntary adoptions. This is because where parents see adoption as the last resort to build their family, they somehow get the support of their family members too, as there is an element of sympathy and compensation. But where parents are choosing to adopt voluntarily, the immediate relatives find it difficult to accept and comprehend as to why should anybody be adopting, without a pressing need.

In either case, when the next of kith and kin are not supportive, the parent is tempted to continue the journey excluding them from the adoption experience. This may sound like a convenient option and one with least conflict – but is least advisable from child’s development.

Read here on why and how to engage your family in your journey of adoption to ensure maximum happiness and acceptance of the new member into the family.

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