Reimagining Adoption

Nov 09 - GenY and Adoption

Category: FoJ Point of View

Surprised at the Title? What does Gen-Y have to do with Adoption? Isn't it a topic for middle aged, childless couples? Think again.

Gen Y presents a set of arms that can push through reforms. A pair of legs that can walk the extra mile. A heart that beats for each child's right to a loving and secure family. A pen (or shall we say a "click") that can trigger a revolution. A mind that is not just open to ideas but carries the conviction to ask Who and Why? Who else but Gen-Y!

Here are 5 simple steps Gen Y can get initiated with Adoption:

   1) Believe in the idea of Adoption - Re-imagine adoption from a child's perspective
   2) Embrace Positive Adoption Language - Define and choose sensitive expressions to describe adoption
   3) Rely on facts - Discount hearsay, fiction and stereotypes associated with adoption. Seek facts. Share Facts.
   4) Talk Less, Act More - Pick up a task that takes you closer to the world of adoption
   5) Be a Champion- Lead by example and inspire others to REIMAGINE ADOPTION

And of course - you do not have to adopt a child yourself - you just have to help us create a community that establishes a Happy and Positive Identity for Adoption.

Inspired with the plethora of opportunities that lie before you? Look no further. Be a Gen-Y Initiator and start a new chapter in life!

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