Reimagining Adoption

Nov 07 - Ten things you need to know about Adoption

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Adoption conjures a mix of emotions. It appears as a quick remedy to bring a child into the home for some, an act of nobility for others, a few people think of adoption as “Plan B” while others view it as an opportunity to complete the family without getting into a the travails of pregnancy yet again. Whatever be the driver most parents carry an air of caution, loss, suspicion, grief and surprise around adoption.

Unlike law, religion, science, taxation, relations, marriage, careers and whole lot of domains prescribed at school and college education, adoption has completely escaped the attention of our educators. It is not part of any curriculum, there are no festivals dedicated to it, it is not enshrined in any political party’s manifesto and there are hardly any family or public conversations around it. Whatever little people understand of adoption is largely fed through Bollywood and fiction in melodramatic overtones. Which was the last Bollywood film you remember that highlighted the legal process of adoption or telling a child about her adoption from Day 01? Their portrayal of adoption is oblivious of the legalities and contemptuous of transparency that it deserves. Little wonder that even those people who are presented with an opportunity to experience adoption without adopting a child, for example adoption by next of kin, colleagues, friends or acquaintances – react with sympathy, disagreement, bewilderment, shock and disbelief – as if one is getting into an avoidable territory.

Here are 10 things you should know about Adoption to develop an objective understanding of the same.

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