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Nov 06 - Letter from a son in adoption

Category: Submission by a family in adoption

Dear Mom,

I do not know where to start as there are so many emotions to share.

I have been thinking of writing to you for long. somehow, was waiting for the right opportunity. And then I disocvered that there was no perfect opportunity. The time is today. First of all, I would like to thank you for everything that you have done for me. Giving me the right values, guiding me at every step, and most importantly allowing me to be ME. I have often told you that I was at times teased at school for being adopted. It used to hurt intially. With your guidance and comfort, I began to relaize that not many children at my school actually understad about adoption. It is not their fault. Neither do their parents understand about adoption. Sadly, not all teachers too understand. But some of them are kind and compasisonate. that becomes a problem. Either they are compasisonate or ignorant. I would want my teachers to be comfortable about aodption. I would want my friends to be normal about adoption.

I remember so many things you have done for me, as a Mom. I often think, you would have done it any way - for your son. I am thankful for being that son. I do think of my birth mother and father at times. I do think why was I adopted by you. But beyond that I do not have answers. I can only feel grateful to God for a loving and understanding family that I have. And you have built that family. There are several friends of mine who are born in that family, but are not as close to their Moms or Dads. May be they will become some day. I am thankful that I can share everything with you, and can depend on you for any help that I need.

Mom, I want you to know that you are the best Mom in the world. You taught me that family is built on love, and we have that in plenty in our home. Thank you for loving me. I shall love you too, forever.

Your Son

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