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Nov 05 - Understanding CARA Waitlist

Category: Submission by a Counsellor

You register online on CARA website with great excitement, only to discover that your wait list for chosen States is upwards of 1000. Talking to friends and CARA helpdesk you discover that the waitlist may come down in a few months time, as your seniority established in the system. After two and a half months, your wait list slides down, but before you can celebrate, it has again gone up. This was pretty unexpected. How on earth can the wait list go up. As you gain seniority, it should only go down. Right? Well, not entirely.

Your wait list is arrived not in anabsolute sense, but my a relative combination of preferences indicated by you, and others who have the same preference. As CARA allows you to change your preferences in the system, any time even after you register, there is a constant flux of people moving in and out of a bucket of categories. At any point in time, your wait list is determined by no of PAPs senior to you, waiitng for the same set of preferences opted by you, for example, a baby girl between 0-2 years of age from Maharashtra. As PAPs change their preference for a girl or a boy, the age group or a given State, the number of PAPs senior to you who moved in or moved out of thjis set of preference shall affect your wait list. if a PAP senior to you (i.e. one who registered bfore you in the system) changes his State from Delhi to Kerala, and you are already waiting in Kerala, your wait time will go up, as that PAP who is senior and just entered your State in the preference, will be referred a child earlier to you. Similarly, if a PAP senior to you leave your set of preferences, your wait time will go down.

Read through this example to understand how CARA Waitlist works, so that you can indicate the right preferences and avoid making too many or incorrect canges to your preferences.

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