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Nov 04 - Accepting the first child you are referred in adoption

Category: FoJ Point of View

You have been waiting for several months when you receive your first referral from CARA. You heart leaps with joy and you itch to travel down to meet your child. Suddenly a thought flashes - what if this child is not what you expect your child to be. Should you accept this referral or should you wait to see more? Given that you have to accept the child once you reserve a referral, the choices are indeed limited. And there lies the catch. Actually adoption isn't and needn't be a matter of choice - when it comes to accpeting a child.

It is human nature to expect choices when it comes to adding something into the family. But adoption is beyond making an addition to the family. it is about making commitment and connecting with the child. It is about accepting that the child will look, feel andbehave differently than us. The child will infact grow up into a different individual. And in accepting this difference gracefully, that the tru relationship blossoms. Adoption is about differently built families and celebrating the difference. To give credit to what each member uniquely represents, rather than aspiring for one like us, thereby limiting the potential that the child can achieve.

Discover the several benefits of accepting the first child referred to you in adoption

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