Reimagining Adoption

Nov 01 - She brought her name along with her

Category: Submission by a parent

We had decided to adopt a baby girl very early in our marriage. We had even thought a name for her - Sahaj. However, when we actually registered for adoption and received a referral, we were told that there was a long wait for a girl, however a baby boy was readily available. As we had already waited for a long time, we decided to adopt the little boy, hoping to adopt a girl next time around.

Two years later, we returned to the agency, to adopt a baby sister for our little son. This time, we got lucky. There was a baby girl available. We had waited for this cute little doll for over several years, and our heart beat raced, as the nun at the agency asked us to sit in the reception area, and went over to fetch the little girl.

Moments later, she reappeared with a tiny bundle containing an alert and an adorable lifeling. As I stretched my arm out to bring her closer to my heart, I faintly asked the nun, "Sister, what do you call her"

The response from the nun echoes till date in my ears - still gives me goose bumps and has affirmed my belief that we as parents are alraedy connected with the desitinies of our childrem - the act of adoption is a mere transaction in discovering the divine bond! "We call her Sahaja" - came the prompt response. Our little daughter even carried the same name, that we had thought for her several years ago! She nearly gave us a miss at the first attempt, but made sure she found us with her name!

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