Reimagining Adoption

Families of Joy kicked off the first batch of Level 01 Counsellors in New Delhi on July 30, 2017. The idea is to develop professionals in the field of Adoption. Most parents who are aspiring to adopt a child need guidance on the procedures, options available to them, their rights & privileges, tips on reducing wait at CARA and advice on mnaaging exceptions.

Even as there are several sites detailing the CARA procedure, including the CARA website, there is very little information on how to navigate through the process, how to choose one's preferences, what to do in the mean time, that one is awaiting a referral, when to accept or reserve a child, impact of not reserving a child, preparation required when visiting an agency, so and so forth.

The counsellors will be specially trained to apprise parents on exisiting regulations, guide the parents in making the right choices, connect them with other families awaiting adoption, professionals who could help them in legal & medical procedures as well as help them become comfortable with the idea of adoption and accepting the same a positive identity.

Once trained, these Adoption Counsellors will expand our network of counselling services across cities in India. We wish each one of them very best in their endeavor and thank them for joining us in our journey towards Reimagining Adoption.