Reimagining Adoption

Families of Joy Foundation organised dedicated counselling camps at New Delhi on March 26, 2017 and at Hyderabad on July 11, 2017. The events received overwhelming response with all slots booked and parents asking for more.

Parents had the convenience to book their counselling slots online before hand, and they had to just walk-in at the chosen time, without any wait. Parents were treated to short films on adoption, Ready-Reckoner on 2017 Adoption Guidelines, a handy guide on adoption, and a free book on adoption. Parents then had one on one counselling session with our experienced counsellors. Together we discussed anxieties, questions, myths, doubts, opportunities, statistics, processes, grievances and assurances related to their journey in adoption. The highlight of the sessions were innovative props and games developed by Families of Joy that helped connect with parents immediately. We intend holding more such camps across the country at regular intervals.


Every parent wishing to adopt should attend this unique camp to get insight on CARA wait list, choosing the right preferences and connecting with your child

We would have waited for several more months, had it not been for the counsellors of FoJ who advised us to change our preferences for States as there were very few children for our profile in the states that we had opted for.

Being a single Mom, I was really scared to tell my family about adopting child. I now feel much more confident and comfortable in dealing with the truth and engaging with my family. Thank you FoJ!

We are so glad that we attended this camp. FoJ counsellors don't just offer advice, they back up their suggestions with data, experience and insights that are hard to obtain otherwise. Even CARA does not offer the analysis we received in this camp. Their statistics on children available for adoption, average age of child, wait time trends are simply fantastic. Will revert to them again, when we get our referral.